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NOAA/NASA 2-page guides to each ABI band

Band number Nickname Center wavelength Link to PDF
01 Blue 0.47 μm B01 Quick Guide
02 Red 0.64 μm B02 Quick Guide
03 Veggie 0.86 μm B03 Quick Guide
04 Cirrus 1.37 μm B04 Quick Guide
05 Snow/Ice 1.61 μm B05 Quick Guide
06 Cloud particle size 2.24 μm B06 Quick Guide
07 Shortwave infrared 3.9 μm B07 Quick Guide
08 Upper-level water vapor 6.2 μm B08 Quick Guide
09 Mid-level water vapor 6.9 μm B09 Quick Guide
10 Lower-level water vapor 7.3 μm B10 Quick Guide
11 Cloud-top phase 8.5 μm B11 Quick Guide
12 Ozone 9.6 μm B12 Quick Guide
13 Clean longwave infrared 10.3 μm B13 Quick Guide
14 Longwave infrared 11.2 μm B14 Quick Guide
15 Dirty longwave infrared 12.3 μm B15 Quick Guide
16 CO2 longwave infrared 13.3 μm B16 Quick Guide

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